Friday, December 16, 2005


Eigenvalues and eigenvectors put me in a very special place. I wish more would grok the beauty behind the vector space approach to mathematics.

Tonight I am going to see Dark Star Orchestra perform at Mr. Small's theatre. They are a Grateful Dead cover band and I've heard many great things about them. I'm wearing my tye-dye shirt right now and I'm quite excited. I walked to campus today while listening to YEM and whistling a Guyute. I'll be very glad if I get a {Cassidy,UJB,Dark Star,HOTW,Eyes,Scarlet Begonias} tonight.

I will post pictures about my snow-filled adventures with Matt, my brother, very soon. I also plan on going skiing on Tuesday, and I'm hella-excited. And if you're wondering, 'hella-excited' is indeed a techincal term denoting a 8.7/10.0 on the excitement/anticipation scale.