Monday, January 22, 2007

Statistical Machine Learning

This semester I'm taking Statistical Machine Learning -- taught by John Lafferty and Larry Wasserman. Last year I sat in this class and decided that its worth taking for credit. The flipside is that I haven't taken one of the prerequisite classes, namely Intermediate Statistics, so I've been diligently studying so I can take the placement exam.

I've been studying from the Casella and Berger statistics books and its a great read!

Wednesday, January 03, 2007

in park city!

I'm currently using iPass at a Starbucks in Park City, Utah. The mountains look amazing -- I'm buing a helment tonight and hitting the slopes early tomorrow.

As for today, I'm thinking nap, a steak dinner, and some much needed sleep.

going to park city, utah

I'm going to Park City, Utah to do some serious snowboarding in a few hours. I'm curious to see how my new sports gear (jacket/fleece/snowboard) perform. I'll post some pics in a few days.