Friday, February 19, 2010

Data-Driven Image Parsing With the Visual Memex: Thesis Proposal Complete!

Yesterday, I successfully gave my thesis proposal talk at CMU and it was a great experience. The feedback I obtained from my committee members was invaluable, especially the comments from Takeo Kanade. It was a great honor for me to have Takeo Kanade, one of the titans of vision, on my committee. My external member, Pietro Perona, is also a key player object recognition, and provided some perceptive comments.

I gave my talk on my Macbook Pro using Keynote. I use the dvi output to connect to the projector and on my screen I was able to see the current slide as well as the upcoming slide. Using Skype I was able to connect to Pietro in California and share the presentation screen (not my two-slide screen!) with him. This was, he was able to follow along and see the same slides as everybody in the room. Skype was a great success!

I would like to thank everybody who came to my talk!