Sunday, April 21, 2013

International Conference of Computational Photography 2013 (ICCP 2013) Day 1 recap

Yesterday was the first day of ICCP 2013.  While the conference should have started Friday, it was postponed until Saturday due to the craziness in Boston.  Nevertheless, it was an excellent day of mingling with colleagues and listening to talks/posters.  Here are some noteworthy items from Saturday:

Marc Levoy (from Stanford and Google) gave a keynote about Google Glass and how it will change the game of photography and video collection.  Marc was one of three Googlers wearing Glass.  The other two were Sam Hasinoff (former MIT CSAILer) and Peyman Milanfar (from UCSC/Google).  I had the privilege of chatting with Prof. Milanfar during Saturday night's reception at the Harvard Faculty club and got to share my personal views on what Glass means for Robotics researchers like myself.

Marc Levoy at ICCP 2013

During his presentation, Matthias Grundman from Georgia Tech talked about his work on radiometric self-calibration of videos and the implications of his work for visual object recognition from YouTube videos is fairly evident.  In other words, why have your machine learning algorithm deal with a source of appearance variations due to the imaging process if it can be removed!
Matthias Grundman at ICCP 2013

Post-processing Approach for Radiometric Self-Calibration of Video. Matthias Grundmann (Georgia Tech), Chris McClanahan (Georgia Tech), Sing Bing Kang (Microsoft Research), Irfan Essa (Georgia Tech). ICCP 2013

Hany Farid from Dartmouth University presented an excellent keynote on Image Forensics.  Image manipulators beware!  His work is not going to make image forgery impossible, but it will take it out of the hands of amateurs.
Hany Farid at ICCP 2013

The best paper award was given to the following paper:
"3Deflicker from Motion" by Yohay Swirski (Technion), Yoav Schechner (Technion)

Good job Yohay and Yoav!

Finally, we (the MIT object detection hackers) will be setting up our own wearable computing platform, the HOGgles box, for the Demo session during lunch.  Carl Vondrick, Aditya Khosla, and I will also be there during the coffee breaks after lunch with the HOGgles demo.

Today should be as much as yesterday and I will try to upload some videos of HOGgles in action later tonight.