Tuesday, August 23, 2005

[Computer] Vision people are a waste of energy

At least Manuela Veloso thinks so. There are two types of people.

The first type doesn't do Vision because they never had a need to (The "what's Vision?" people, aka rustic folk). I don't have much to say about these people. The second type does Vision (aka the vision hacker). These people generally like to think about object recognition.
There are also two types of people who do Vision (maybe even consider it drudgery), but do not like to be called vision hackers (at least they don't hack on vision problems for vision's sake). I will call these people the non-vision people (but they do Vision, so they are not rustic folk).

Roboticists who have to deal with visual sensors are one type of Vision-doing non-vision people. They don't think that the Vision problem will be solved anytime soon, but they cannot escape the Vision problem alltogether. They are merely frustrated by the lack of development in vision in the past 30 years (nevertheless a warranted frustration), and the goal of their research is something which must use Vision (but are not obsessed with Vision like vision hackers). These people will generally say things like, "Do something productive" to Vision hackers.

We also have Machine Learning (ML folk) people who call Vision hackers people "the vision people" and they make the quotation mark gestures with their fingers when they call them that. These ML people think that Vision people are just doing Machine Learning but are living in some sort of denial.

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