Tuesday, September 06, 2005

two books and a signature

After an oral examination with the professor, he decided that I was qualified to waive the Math Fundamentals for Robotics course. I did study. He could probably tell when he asked me "Do you know what the Calculus of Variations is?" and I replied, "Would you like to see the derivation or the Euler Lagrange equation?"

I went to the library and got two books. The first one is Shimon Edelman's Representation and Recognition in Vision. The second book is Alva Noe's Action in Perception. I was aroused by this book after reading Edelman's short reply to Action in Perception; this paper can be found here.

To quote Noe, "The main idea of this book is that perception isn't something that happens inside us (in our brains say). It is something we do." I feel that to push the field of computer vision to the next level, I must know what these philosophers are up to. A long time ago I could have been found in a philosophy class arguing about something pointless, but I shortly abandoned my futile project to fully dedicate my time to physics and computer science. After the code and the calculus, I believe that I have reached a level of maturity which allows me to revisit philosophy.

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