Sunday, October 16, 2005

NSF application + Gamma Function Awesomeness

I already mailed in a transcript request for RPI to send out my undergraduate transcript to three fellowship agencies. I'm applying to NSF Graduate Research Fellowship Program, DoD National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate Fellowship, and DOE Computational Science Graduate Fellowship. I usually refer to them as NSF,NDSEG, and CSGF. I received Honorable Mention from NSF last year, so I think I have a decent chance of winning it this time around.

On another note, I've been summing up infintie series like there's no tomorrow. I've grown rather fond of the gamma function which allows me to deal with integrals of polynomials over the positive real line when they are weighted by the e^(-x). In fact, I have experimented with freely adding n!/n! terms into my infinite series and re-writing the numerator as a gamma integral. Then I would reverse summation and integration, rearrange, and play with the newly created beast.

I've also been reading up on RKHS From Poggio's course website. I have made a comprehensive list of machine learning links on my CMU webpage.


  1. Anonymous8:01 AM

    Good luck with NSF, from a fellow Honorable Mentioner...

  2. Update on March 30, 2006:

    I won the 2006 NSF!