Thursday, March 09, 2006

kiss my axe -> mont tremblant -> super unsupervised superpixel clustering

I've been recently listening to Al Di Meola's album Kiss My Axe rather frequently. I just can't get enought of the 2nd track, titled "The Embrace."

On another note, tomorrow morning spring break starts. Me (Tomasz), Mark, Geoff, and Boris are driving to Canada to do some intense boarding and skiing at Mont Tremblant. Unfortunately, Hanns had to stay behind and do some research-related work. After hitting up the mountain, we are going to check out Montreal for a few days. In addition, on the way up we are going to stop in the Albany/Troy region for Friday night to party and relax.

Even though I'm not planning on bringing my laptop, 15 CPUs are crunching away at images of animals; I think my job should be done in about 4 days. I'm trying to do a study of segmentation algorithms so that I can implement some of the new discriminative superpixel-based recognition theory I've been working on when I get back from spring break. I'm performing the study on the {PASCAL 2006,MSRCv2,Weizmann Horse} databases and I am utilizing Stella Yu's Constrained Normalized Cuts implementation on top of Berkeley's Probability of Boundary detector. With such large collections of images, I'm going to try out some super unsupervised superpixel clustering strategies in not too long.

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