Tuesday, April 11, 2006

cow and the new warmth

The above bar graph displays the topic mixing proportions for the image above. Clearly, the cow has been detected in an image classification sense (contains cow or not); however, we still have to see how well we are localizing the cow.

On another note, the weather has started getting nicer in Pittsburgh. I really miss late night walks around Shadyside when the weather in exceedingly warm. In a few days I'll know how well we (Jon and I) do on the CMU-level PASCAL challenge; I need to spend more time in the local park.

Finally, I've been trying to understand why I'm good at difficult things. I guess I both like the challenge and I like to work hard; however, it's not healthy to view all of life as a sequence of challenges that one can simply overcome with hard work. It takes some thought into deciding which challenges are worthy and which ones aren't worthy of pursuit; it's even more difficult deciding which ones can and which ones cannot be overcome with hard work. Life is mysterious because it occasionally presents one with challenges that require more of 'a cool air' around you than anything close to hard work. CGA said something along these lines during class a few months ago, "If you really want something, sometimes you have to step back." In conclusion, apparant lack of motivation for accomplishing a task doesn't necessarily imply a lack of desire for obtaining that goal; sometimes stepping back should be thought of as a regrouping stage -- a period of time during which one can refine their strategy and either come back with double the momentum or find a new problem to address.

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