Saturday, August 19, 2006

Computer Vision TA + discovering music that I like

This upcoming semester I'll be one of the two Teaching Assistants for Martial Hebert's Computer Vision class. (The other TA will be Ankur Datta) Most Robotics PhD students take this graduate course to satisfy their perception requirement. Since the 1st semester of the 1st year is a very popular time to take this course (at least it was a popular time for my incoming class), this opportunity will give me a chance to meet the new Robograds.

On another note, I recently out about Pandora Internet Radio, which I have been listening to over the past few days. On this website, you input a favourite song or artist and a radio station is automatically created to match your interests in music. You can then vote for the songs that you heard. The basic idea is to get introduced to music you've never heard but you should enjoy. Another great source for internet radio is Shoutcast and (download live shows or just stream them!).

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