Sunday, August 10, 2008

What is segmentation? What is image segmentation?

According to Merriam-Webster, segmentation is "the process of dividing into segments" and a segment is "a separate piece of something; a bit, or a fragment." This is a rather broad definition which suggests that segmentation is nothing mystical -- it is just taking a whole and partitioning it into pieces. One can segment sentences, time periods, tasks, inhabitants of a country, and digital images.

Segmentation is a term that often pops up in technical fields, such as Computer Vision. I have attempted to write a short article on Knol about Image Segmentation and how it pertains to Computer Vision. Deciding to abstain from discussing specific algorithms -- which might be of interest to graduate students and not the population as a whole -- I instead target the high-level question, "Why segment images?" The answer, according to me, is that image segmentation (and any other image processing task) should be performed solely assist object recognition and image understanding.


  1. Oops! Don't know what happened there.
    I had said I appreciate your taking the time to write that Knol, and look forward to seeing anything you may write about computer vision in the future.