Wednesday, January 28, 2009

SUNS 2009: Scene Understanding Symposium at MIT

This Friday (January 30, 2009) I will be attending SUNS 2009, otherwise known as the Scene Understanding Symposium, held at MIT and organized by Aude Oliva, Thomas Serre, and Antonio Torralba. It is free, so grad students in the area should definitely go!

Quoting the SUNS 2009 homepage, "SUnS 09 features 16 speakers and about 20 poster presenters from a variety of disciplines (neurophysiology, cognitive neuroscience, visual cognition, computational neuroscience and computer vision) who will address a range of topics related to scene and natural image understanding, attention, eye movements, visual search, and navigation."

I'm looking forward to the talks by researchers such as Aude Oliva, David Forsyth, Alan Yuille, and Ted Adelson. I will try to blog about some cool stuff while I'm there.

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