Saturday, September 19, 2009

joint regularization slides

Trevor Darrell posted his slides from BAVM about joint regularization across classifier learning. I think this is a really cool and promising idea and I plan on applying it to my own research on local distance function learning when I get back to CMU in October.

The idea is there should be significant overlap between what a cat classifier learns and what a dog classifier learns. So why independently learn two classifiers?

My paper on the Visual Memex got accepted to NIPS 2009
so I will be there representing my work in December. Be sure to read future blog posts about this work which strives to break free from using categories in Computer Vision.

On another note, today was my last day interning at Google (a former Robograd was my mentor) and I will be driving back to Pittsburgh from Mountain View this Sunday. Yosemite is the first stop! I plan on doing some light hiking with my new Vibram Five Fingers! I've been using them for deadlifting and they've been great for both working out and just chilling/coding around the Googleplex.

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