Thursday, March 26, 2015

Venture Pitch Contest at CVPR 2015 in Boston, MA

This year's CVPR will be in Boston, and as always, I expect it to be the single best venue to meet computer vision experts and see cutting edge research. I expect Google and Facebook to show off their best Deep Learning systems, NVIDIA to demo their newest GPUs, and dozens of computer vision startups to be looking for talent to grow their teams.

I expect the entrepreneur/academic ratio to be much higher, as it is getting easier for PhD students and postdocs to start their own companies.  This year's CVPR will even feature a Venture Pitch Contest as part of the Fourth Annual Vision Industry and Entrepreneur (VIEW) Workshop at CVPR. From the VIEW workshop webpage:

Computer vision as a technology is penetrating the industry at an extraordinary pace with many computer vision applications directly becoming consumer commodities. Both startups and big companies have contributed to this trend. At the fourth annual Vision Industry and Entrepreneur Workshop, we are organizing a first of its kind Startup Pitch Contest. As a computer vision innovator, this is your chance to present the next great computer vision product idea to a distinguished panel of judges which will include Venture Capitalists, Investors and leading Researchers in the field.
Applications should employ novel computer vision technologies towards an innovative product. The best submissions would be selected for an Elevator Pitch presentation in front of the judges. Prizes would be awarded to the winners who would be announced at the end of the workshop. The details about the judging criteria will be posted on the website.
The submission is broken into two phases – Preliminary submission consisting of a title and an abstract, and, Final submission consisting of a one page summary with technology overview, feasibility, outreach (customers and market size) and monetization (business model). The summary should be tailored at soliciting funding from sources such as venture capital to invest in the idea. The applicants should indicate whether they are academic researchers or industry professionals. Only non-confidential material may be submitted.

Even if you're not ready to pitch, you can submit a poster or demo to the Industry Session part of the VIEW 2015 Workshop. Great place to show off your new computer vision-powered app.  One of the organizers, Samson Timoner, told me the deadlines for submission have been extended. Here are the new dates:

Submission: April 3, 2015 (extended)
Notification: April 8, 2015 (extended)
Workshop: June 11, 2015

This year's CVPR is going to be a great place to network with startups, share ideas, see cutting-edge research and (NEW in 2015) meet folks from the venture capital world. Who knows, if I'm there, I might be wearing a T-shirt.

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