Tuesday, January 03, 2006

Experience More in 2006

I've always been troubled by the concept of a New Year's Resolution. There's nothing special about the start of a new calendar year that warrants a change in one's life. I'm not saying that people are wrong in wanting to do something such as 'exercise more' or 'quit smoking'; however, they should do those things for a reason that transcends the progression of the calendar year.

A good resolution is to Experience More. Simply put, Experiencing More translates to looking past the barriers that have been shaped around us and mandate our daily experience. Experiencing More is grokking that there is more to life than the predictable routine of daily life; it is an attempt to spice up the story of our life. The routine of modern life acts as a strong force that binds us to a particular beat of life and the first step in Experiencing More is understanding what aspects of our life are too predictable. To become a navigator of the space of all beats one has to only perturb their daily routine and be aware of the world around them as everything will take care of itself.

Aquafraternally yours,

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