Sunday, January 29, 2006

Philosophy of Robotics Reading Group

A fellow roboticist, Geoff, recently started the Philosophy of Robotics Reading Group and we had a great first meeting last Friday. We talked about robot emotions, and if anybody wants to see the papers that we discussed then please visit the reading group page.

I will one day present something about the current state and future of computer vision and how it relates to realist and pragmatist philosophy. In particular, I will talk about 'correspondence to reality' and how current work in computer vision poses such objective functions that are consistent with the realist paradigm. On the other side, a pragmatist view of vision would be less concerned with correspondence to anything (what is really out there?) , and more concerned with completion of a vision task.

From an evolutionary point of view, there is no reason for our internal representation to correspond to anything 'out there'; however, from an intelligent design point of view (which I do not advocate) then it would seem appropriate to create a being that can get at something out there.

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