Friday, August 14, 2009

Bay Area Vision Meeting (BAVM 2009): Image and Video Understanding

Tomorrow (Friday) afternoon is BAVM 2009, a Bay Area workshop on Image and Video Understanding, which will be held at Stanford this year. It is being organized by Juan Carlos Niebles, one of Fei-Fei Li's students, and I will be there representing CMU. I have a poster about some new research and getting feedback is always good, but I'm really excited about meeting some of the other graduate students who work on image understanding. The Berkeley group has been pushing hard segmentation-driven image understanding so seeing what they're up to should be interesting. There will also be many fellow Googlers and researchers from companies in the Bay Area so it will also be a good place to network.

I look forward to hearing the invited speakers and the seeing the bleeding-edge stuff during the poster sessions. I'll try to blog a little bit about some of the coolest stuff I encounter when I get back.


  1. wow! Never knew about this.
    Looks interesting.

  2. Yes, please let us know what impresses you!