Tuesday, June 14, 2011

cvpr 2011 in colorado springs

CVPR (CVPR 2011) will be held this year in Colorado Springs, and I'll hopefully get a chance to blog about the newest and exciting ideas coming out of the Computer Vision research community while I'm there.  CVPR is a conference which I try to attend every year because 1.) the quality of the work there is superb and 2.) it is a perfect opportunity to network with all the amazing vision researchers I've met over the years.

I will also be at the Fine Grained Visual Categorization workshop on June 25th, which has an exciting schedule of talks and posters.  This is the first ever FGVC workshop, and it is being organized by Ryan Farrell (UMD), Steve Branson (UCSD), and Peter Welinder (Caltech).


  1. those are great venues, are u presenting in them too?
    How do u prepare to visit such class A venues?

  2. I don't have a paper at CVPR this year, but a lot of my colleagues have papers and it will be a perfect opportunity to learn about their most recent research.

    My advisor pays for conference registration and I pay for travel/lodging when I go without a paper. Of course, everything is paid for by research money if an actual paper gets in.

    At CMU, we have been reading CVPR2011 papers for the last several weeks and even had some internal talks from the presenters. In other words, we CMUers have lots of questions to ask the CVPR crowd (we've been doing our homework).

    For anybody serious about continuing Computer Vision research beyond their PhD studies, attending is basically a must [my opinion]. My first CVPR was in 2004 while an undergrad, and during this experience I learned how amazing CMU is regarding vision research.

  3. that brilliant, no wonder u guys are doing so well.. I missed this year (COL flights are so rare and expensive!!),but i will go next time.