Sunday, June 17, 2012

Workshop on Egocentric Vision @ CVPR 2012

Today (Sunday 6/17/2012) is the second day of CVPR 2012 workshops and I'll be going to the Egocentric Vision workshop.  The workshop kicks off at 8:50am (come earlier for some CVPR breakfast) and will start with a keynote talk by Takeo Kanade.  There will also be a talk by Hartmut Neven of Neven-vision and now a part of Google.  Also during the poser session, my fellow colleague, Abhinav Shrivastava, will be presenting his work on applying ExemplarSVMs to detection from a first-person point of view --- yet another super-cool application of ExemplarSVMs.

Object detection from first person's view using exemplar SVMs

There are lots of other plenty of cool talks during this workshop including: action recognition from a first-person point of view, experience classification, as well as a study of the obtrusiveness of wearable computing platforms by some fellow MIT vision hackers.

The accuracy-obtrusiveness tradeoff for wearable vision platforms

You might be thinking, "What is egocentric vision?" but nothing explains it better than the following video from Google about its super exciting research project codename Project Glass.  I'm really hoping Hartmut talks about this...

If you're looking for me, you know where I'll be tomorrow.  Happy computing.

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