Tuesday, January 14, 2014

10% of our Kickstarter campaign total will go to free High School Student technology licenses

Dear Kickstarters, technology enthusiasts, and STEM educators,
We’re happy to announce a new reward in our Kickstarter project, one designed for free access of our robotic vision technology to high school students. If we reach our Kickstarter campaign milestone of $100K, we will give 10% of Kickstarter generated funds to high school students and clubs in the form of software licenses. $100K raised will translate to 100 single-machine VMX licenses given out to 100 different high schools and clubs during the Summer of 2014, free of charge. Optionally, qualifying high schools can choose to claim 100 VMX Compute hours if they have a problem with local performance, don’t have access to a Linux machine, and/or their security policy doesn’t allow virtual machines.
Our Kickstarter project, the VMX Project, is an easy-to-use and fully trainable computer vision programming environment. With VMX, you can teach your computer to recognize objects using the webcam. We’ve already surpassed the 30% funding milestone and generated lots of great ideas from our community. Ideas ranging from medical disease diagnosis and 3D object reconstruction to smart wine inventory management. By bringing a computer vision app-building environment to students, we’re excited about the prospect of giving teens a sandbox for innovation -- an ecosystem to achieve their own technology-oriented Eureka moments. So whether a student decides to study computer science in college or comes up with the next great startup idea, we want to give them a headache-free entry to the world of computer vision.
If you want to learn more about the VMX Project, please see our Kickstarter page: 
The VMX High School Program is designed to give a limited number of students and student clubs free access to VMX in-browser object recognition technology. We understand that “Computer Vision for Everyone” needs to include a broader range of individuals, individuals with little or no spending income. We’re committed to letting those who can be most influenced by new technology, the young innovators inside our classrooms, get access to our technology.
By supporting our Kickstarter campaign, you are backing our vision of bringing computer vision technology to the masses. So whether you want VMX for your own creative use or want to give something to your community, we hope you’ll appreciate our new VMX Project High School Program reward and back our project. In addition, backers of our project will be able to donate any of their unused Compute Hours into the Eureka fund so that additional high school students get access to our technology.
If you are a high school student or high school teacher and would like get some cool computer vision technology for your school, please send an email to “admin@vision.ai” with “VMX Project High School Program” in the title, briefly describing what you’d like to do with VMX, your age, and school name. To generate interest among your students and friends, share our VMX Kickstarter video with your classroom and have one of your students email us with their idea.
Kickstarter is all-or-nothing, so we need to reach the $100K funding milestone to make this project a reality.
We are excited that as software developers, our creations have the potential to spread rapidly. But we want to make sure that one of valuable demographics, creative high school students, isn’t left-behind. Help spread the word about VMX using social networking and let’s make 2014 the year of new technology by bringing computer vision technology to the masses.
Tomasz Malisiewicz, PhD 
Co-Founder of vision.ai


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